ONNO GROUP was founded by Nuray Öksüz and S.Oğuz Kadıoğlu in 2012. They began their professional career first as an architectural designer later continued with management of construction sites. They gained experience in different projects such as airport, hotel, museum, iconic building and residential development.

What makes Company’s experience deeper is that the locations of the projects they realized are not in Turkey only but also in different countries like Azerbaijan, Russia and etc.

ONNO GROUP aims to bring a new vision to design and construction process with a dynamic team. “Small details bring about bigger changes to traditional architectural trends” is among the Company principles.

The Company grows with its competitive strength in national and international markets with its modern management concept and experienced and well-qualified personnel. Nowadays, construction sector is changing towards a more competitive direction; cost, time and quality of construction are more significant principles of the sector. Therefore, to be well qualified player and to have a long lasting vision,

ONNO GROUP improves its system of organizational structure and modern management techniques.

Corporate Principles

It is long term investment to be reliable partner. But the Company succeeds this in a short time. “Working together with our employees, business partners and suppliers we synergized” say founders. “Ensuring the highest standard of professional conduct and ethic is entrenched in everything we do” they add.


We know the needs and expectations of our clients better than anybody else; we deliver exceptional quality, on time, within budgets.


We offer attractive career opportunities and professional development. We provide conditions to encourage the growth of our employees. Our cooperation with and between our employees is founded on trust, respect and honesty.


We are proud to deliver exceptional quality and innovation in all our projects.


The sector is changing constantly and we are eager to learn and to change with them. In house and outhouse trainings are the main instruments of the Company to adapt to changes. This will ensure our long term success.


We are honest and trustworthy in everything we do.


We take responsibility in everything we do.


We believe the success of our company depends on the commitment of our employees. Teamwork and collaboration are supported in the Company.


We work hard to succeed continuous improvement in everything we do.


We are committed to high quality standards and strongly believe that quality must involve all employees throughout the entire organization.

We strongly believe that this can only be possible through the full commitment of our most valuable resource, our people.

Realizing each project carries its own special needs, we tailor a project specific quality control plan for each project we undertake. Items such as workmanship, documentation, material storage, submittals, as-built and non-conformance work are all addressed.

Detailed procedures for testing, and quality assurance are further addressed as specific areas of importance for each project.

Commitment To Quality

We strive to create the best value for our clients by delivering the most reliable and effective products for their business. Our commitments are:

Continuous monitoring of the quality of our control mechanisms and products through daily inspections and internal and external audits.

Ensure strict compliance with standards and product specifications  regularly asses the quality of our products with respect to our customers’requirements and optimize our products accordingly.

Ensure that employees are adequately trained on the importance of their activities in achieving high standards of quality performance. Identify and reduce the risks of quality incidents our activities.

Health Safety Enviroment

Our experience in the construction sector allowed us to compose risk universe in the Company. There are exact control mechanisms preventing these risks. Furthermore, to identify HSE hazards against risks and implement control measures utilizing the three hierarchies of hazards control are

  • Comply with the current occupational health and safety and environmental laws and regulations of the working country.

  • The risks were eliminated in areas where possible.

  • The risks mitigated/minimized by substitution engineering control and/or isolation

Salih Oğuz Kadıoğlu in 2012 with his immense construction management experience.

He was graduated from Gazi University (Ankara/Turkey) in 1997 and began his professional career first as a architectural designer thn he had taken parts in various stages of management of construction sites.

He successfully completed many of landmark projects such as airports, hotels, museums, iconic buildings and residential developments.

He completed his professional career as a project manager of the Haydar Aliyev Center in Baku Azerbaijan.

Reconized as one of the world’s masterpieces in architecture, the Heydar Aliyev Center has immediately grown into a singnature architectural landmark of modern Baku.

Oguz Kadioglu Construction aims to bring new vision to desung and construction process with a dynamic team.

Since then, Company complated lots of projects and continues to build many of them in Azerbaijan.

Oguz Kadioglu Construction is growing up with new projects and new colleagues are joining to the team day by day. Oguz Kadioglu Construction is now increasing its competitive strength in both national or international markets with its modern management concept, experienced and well qualified human resources.

As today’s world of construction is changing towards a more competitive direction, cost, time and quality of construction are more significant than ever. Therefore, to be well qualified and to have a long lasting vision, Oguz Kadioglu Construction has improved its system and organizational structure and made more utilization of IT technology and modern management techniques.